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Clayton Perlman: How to Create a Dog-Friendly Home

Clayton Perlman enjoys the company of his four-legged companions, finding reward in the opportunity to spend time and have fun with the furry friends that being energy, life and love into his home. But though Perlman appreciates the time he has with his dogs, Clayton Perlman also understands the work that goes into making a house truly dog-friendly – those tasks and behaviors that are essential not just preventing damage to your property, but which are important to keeping your best friend safe, happy and healthy throughout his/her lifetime.


As Clayton Perlman knows, there are many ways to “pet-proof” your indoor environment. Some of these include:


• Moving or locking away cleaning supplies, poisons and any other fluids not fit for consumption. Whether it’s laundry detergent or weed killer, it’s important to put such items in a place where no dog can reach or access on their own.


• Securing your fence and/or home perimeter. Taking time to walk your property and shore up any gaps in your fencing is crucial to keeping your dog from facing the unpredictable hazards throughout your neighborhood.


• Remove plastic and poison plants from reach. Plastic items and poison plants can wreak havoc on a dog’s digestive system and should be kept out of reach at all times.

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